We take the subject of internet security extremely seriously. This is why confidential and personal data is always transmitted at Benchpool in encrypted form. We utilise a contemporary encryption protocol for this purpose (SSL/TLS).

Login is realised in the portal with a user name and password. Benchpool provides you with the web address, a user name and a temporary password. You will be required to enter your user name and the temporary password when logging in for the first time. Following successful login, you will be requested to change your password. Sending this information off activates your user account and enables it for usage.

We recommend that at least eight characters be used when choosing a password, ideally a sequence of both capital and small letters and numbers. Do not select any words which can be easily guessed by others. It is preferable to choose word combinations which you can remember easily, rather than passwords which you keep on slips of paper in your workplace.

We feel we have an obligation when it comes to data protection. This is why Benchpool will never ask you about account details in relation to PIN or TAN numbers or e-mail addresses in relation to passwords.

Please note that our influence is confined to the Benchpool portal and does not extend to your computer. We therefore recommend the use of firewalls, anti-virus and other computer security programs.