eTrade Marketplace & order processing

The fact is undeniable - no information medium in history has developed as rapidly as the internet. It is also increasingly becoming a platform for business transactions.

"Forrester Research" wrote that: "Electronic marketplaces allow buyers to obtain considerably better prices and conditions on a sustained level and, simultaneously, noticeably shorten the procurement process".

To enable consistency of all process steps, it is important that the Benchpool platform is connected to your systems in order to exploit every potential for reducing costs.

Benchpool is working on a comprehensive and complex many-to-many solution (numerous providers and buyers), which electronically supports the relationships and processes between you and your suppliers. In doing so, the automation of manual process steps, the creation of uniform workflows within your organization as well as the elimination of unnecessary coordination efforts have our highest priority.

eTrade does not rely on auctions or reverse auctions in this respect. We do not believe that personal and telephone communications between business partners are rendered superfluous by a marketplace. Benchpool wants to provide support in the initiation of contacts and further development of established structures.

We plan to combine all the modules in 2016 so you can exploit a universal solution from the compilation of advertising material right through to the order.