eTender Tender and analytical tools

Up until now it has been necessary to invest a lot of working time and effort from the initial drafting of tender documents to the ultimate award of contract. Experience will have shown you that, in particular, the examination and evaluation of the offers and figures submitted is very time-consuming.

Far from being an auction module, eTender provides you with rapid and transparent assistance when it comes to tenders. Personal contact to suppliers continues to be of major importance. The module guides the user step by step through the entire tender and analysis process. It makes child's play out of the generation of price lists and technical data sheets.

As soon as a supplier has uploaded his quotes via the platform, these are automatically analysed which enables an evaluation of all process steps in real time.
eTender signals if information in a quote is missing or has been incorrectly entered. Time-consuming checking to ensure that everything is correct is dispensed with.

eTender becomes an even more effective instrument when linked with eBench. eBench automatically assigns target conditions of market relevance to each process step. This enables you to compare quotes with relevant market conditions - simply and speedily. You are furnished with additional arguments as a result and, consequently, greater security in negotiations.