eSupply Supplier audits & management

Companies rely on the maintenance of good business relations with their suppliers. This is essential if both parties are to make an optimum and mutual contribution to added value. Transparent communications and an understanding of mutual goals are indispensable in this respect.
The development of strategic partnerships with suppliers enables you to improve your products and services and develop your competitive advantage together.

Today it is becoming more difficult - and more important - to select suitable suppliers, as globalisation of the markets has led to an enormous increase in the number of potential suppliers.

Procedures need to be drawn upon when evaluating the efficiency of a supplier, which can provide convincing results in every decision-making situation.

eSupply realises these evaluations with independent auditors on the basis of uniform and objective criteria. In addition to examining the economic, ecological and technical performance of suppliers, future investments are also evaluated in this context.

eSupply is a very effective instrument when linked with eBench. eBench allows you to automatically benchmark every process step. eSupply provides you with information on the location of printing presses and how suppliers are evaluated. Selecting a supplier in eSupply allows you to import the supplier into eTender, thus making eTender even simpler.