eNet Network & contact maintenance

eNet is the network module that connects different sectors, brings clients and suppliers together and makes the maintenance of contacts both comfortable and easy. As Benchpool brings together all significant process and working steps on a single platform, thus creating a working platform for every task, it is obvious that one should also bring together all persons involved.

The cultivation of personal contacts is also particularly important in the age of the Internet and automated solutions - or even perhaps because of these developments. Just how successful and contemporary social and business networks are in this respect is generally known. Internet platforms already exist where many sectors and interest groups can exchange information and cultivate contacts. eNet is the contact and network platform for all those who work with Benchpool, are involved with each other on a business level or share interests. It transcends sectors, is simple to operate and very user-friendly.

The eNet module will further enhance the Benchpool platform in 2016.