eControl Budget managment

A budget is the specification of a financial framework for autonomous economic management for a defined period of time.

eControl is an evaluation tool used in a narrow sense when budgeting for print media and, in a broader sense, for operational planning.

eControl enables you to collect your costs for print media for a particular period of time (e.g. 1 year). Having adopted all products from eBench, you can automatically calculate all changes and iterations you wish to make, regardless if they are now or in the future. Thus you know whether you operate within or outside the predefined budget at all times. When performing changes on your products, you can either delete or add complete print projects or only sub-items thereof.

However, a comparison with actual figures only enables retrospective cost controlling in most cases. The fact that anticipatory planning is also possible with eControl means that you maintain an overview of the bigger picture on a continuous basis.

The combination of eControl with eBench, eTender and eSupply provides you with a range of powerful modules with which you can keep your costs under control at all times.