eClaim Claims management

The handling of claims is a critical process for you and your suppliers, which demands an orderly approach. eClaim offers you a structured process that assists you in the solving of problems and avoidance of mistakes. eClaim provides your supplier with support that enables him to avoid recurring errors. This ultimately enhances your satisfaction!

eClaim defines quality criteria for every area of production in the graphic industry. Technical quality parameters will be established in 2016, which are already available as a standard from the German Printing and Media Industries Federation (Bundesverband Druck und Media) and can be adapted to suit particular individual requirements. eClaim can place specialists at your disposal should you so wish to check and measure quality on your behalf.

eClaim is a neutral interface between the customer and supplier which ensures that claims can be processed in a transparent and fair manner.

The advantages of eClaim cannot be denied, as claims processing is clearer and more transparent and both you and your supplier will receive optimum support.
Moreover, your supplier avoids recurring errors, thus enhancing his quality and finally, you can also control and influence claims processing in a targeted manner.
With regard to the performance profile required of your suppliers, eClaim assists you in communicating this on a more case-specific level.
The interaction of eClaim and eSupply is an extremely effective instrument.