eBench Benchmarks

Benchmarking is an important instrument in the market economy when it comes to improving one's own market position. Competitive pressure means that it takes on an even greater importance, and benchmarking can be employed for its efficient realisation.

Benchmarking also supports the search for optimum market results and promotes the further development of one's own enterprise. It is a continuous process which facilitates the comparison of market conditions so that efficiency can be maintained at a high level or even improved.

Over the course of the last years terms like 'Big Data' became excessively used buzzwords to describe the importance of data intelligence. Our experience with customers shows however that only very few companies are aware of their print procurement process and align their business activities accordingly. The famous quote by Peter F. Drucker 'if you can't measure it, you can't manage it' now applies more than ever which is why our platform enables customers to make sustainable and data decisions.

eBench was developed for exactly these reasons. It serves as a tool for highlighting options for optimisation and market transparency. Continuous inspection and development of your advertising measures are necessary to ensure that your company retains its competitive cutting edge when it comes to decision making.