The establishment of the e-Business platform Benchpool in 2015 is grounded on more than a decade of experience of the Hamburg-based print consultancy MSM Media which was garnered through numerous procurement and outsourcing projects in the graphic industry.

As cost analysts, we had noticed during our daily work that the true costs associated with individual process steps tended to be concealed from customers.
Especially in the B2B area, the traditional procurement and management of print products lacks automation and transparency and thus represents the largest remaining cost factor within the supply-chain.
Additionally, we observe a growing demand in the market to make the procurement of printed matter in the B2B area as easy as purchasing B2C goods. As a result, over the next years the procurement process as well as the field of work of traditional sales representatives will change dramatically towards an automation driven process approach.

Thus, the key question that we answer together with our customers is: how can we streamline internal and external process steps and what does this imply for your cost savings potential?

We create a customer account for you to enable the use of our platform. Detailed figures from all print products and process steps (and your actual and projected figures) are recorded in this account. 

The modules of our platform subsequently guide you through every step of the print procurement and management process. Starting with market driven benchmarks through our proprietary pricing algorithm to the selection of suitable print suppliers on the basis of our international database and the efficient order management and handling, Benchpool enables your organization to benefit from transparent and uniform workflows.

eBench Benchmarks

eTender Tender and analytical tools

eSupply Supplier audits & management

eControl Budget managment

eTrade Marketplace & order processing

eClaim Claims management

eNet Network & contact maintenance